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We’re a full service artist services company assisting urban independent artists and labels with achieving their goals by providing a full range of Public Relation, Promotions and Consulting services.

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Public Relations / Promotions / Consulting

Our Process

The first step in our process is having you submit your project to us so that we can determine if our services the right fit you. There is a small non-refundable submission fee which we will apply to your promotional campaign if we determine your project is a good fit. After we’ve reviewed your project we will advise you of our decision we then require you to deposit your promotional budget, we collect additional information about you, your project and your promotional objective which we will use to develop a customized promotional plan, review and execute upon your approval.


Effective promotional campaigns tailored to your music

Rap/Hip-Hop Urban Promotions

We offer a variety of promotional services from Playlist pitching, Music Video Distribution, radio campaigns, DJ coalition placements, and much more.


Promotional Packages

Public Relations

Blog & Magazine Placement / Artist Interviews

We are capable of powering a full on Public Relations campaign for urban independent artists and labels using our network of experienced well-connected Public Relation Firms. We’re also able to secure blog and magazine placements prominent publications.

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Rap/Hip-Hop Urban Public Relations


For independent artists and labels

We offer consulting services for both independent artists and labels. Our consulting services covers everything from artist development to music publishing administration. Our consultations are 100% remote via video conference or phone call and are available as thirty minutes or hour consults.


Rap/Hip-Hop/R&B Urban Consulting
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